Friday, November 16, 2012

Work and not being there…..

I went on sick leave the first week of August 2011, and only went back to work in April 2012,

8 months of not working and spending waaaay too much time with myself

But, where do I stand rights wise actually? 

I mean, my work has been brilliant really, they paid my wage every month, no hassle, and after a visit to the citizens advice bureau I found that in fact they didn't have to do that at all, they could just pay less after a couple of months and after 6 months, well, then it could be just as well via the benefits system… so to me they were fine. Very fair indeed.

But, it’s added stress.

I contacted them at least once a month with an update. but imidiate manager told  me at a later stage that maybe I should’ve called more often, but at the same time he  also understood that especially in November/ December when everything went a bit “dark” that I wasn’t in the best state of minds for any communications.

When I finally did go back to work, it surfaced that I was way to stressed and in my head about the return itself, but more of that later…

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