Monday, November 12, 2012

September 2011 - Results

"Right.. here's the deal Marco"

I'm sitting in my specialist office for the 5th time this year and finally I’m getting some answers..

After a botch attempt of fobbing me of with "A Tired Squint" , a couple of visits to a MRI machine, I’m finally going to find out what the freaking problem is...

" We think you have something that is called Ocular Motility"
(THINK??? Really, still don’t KNOW but think???? Then again, it’s not the worst case scenario that went through my and some of my close friends and relatives head i guess..)

Oh, ok.. so what does that mean I ask?

"Well, basically it has to do with the muscles that control the movement of your eyes.. and in your case it seems that they don’t really do a good job in controlling them.. in fact I would go as far as calling this SEVERE Ocular Motility.. "

Ok, so, what do we do next I ask?

"Well, in certain cases it is managed by injecting silicone into the muscles.
(hold up, what??? )
but there is something else we need to tackle first... "


"The MRI Scan has shown that all your Sinuses are completely blocked.. we think that this causes the headaches and also puts pressure on the Ocular Muscles.. you will need to have surgery for this first before we can do anymore work on your eyes."

Ok, but then after that the SILICONE INJECTIONS?????

"Yes, highly likely... but at the same time, you will find already that your sight improves when the pressure is relieved...."

Ok... well, let’s get on the phone to a "Sinus guy" then i guess... 

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