Thursday, November 22, 2012

February 2012 - Can I see clearly now?

“Take it out pleaaaaaaasseee…..”

I’m sitting in the office of my optometrist, my lens fitter..  And I’m shouting like a little 6yrs old.. 
“Seriously, what’s wrong with me?”

She just placed a little piece of hard plastic on top of my eye and it freaking hurt like hell… 

but she told me I wouldn't feel a  thing… yeah, just like they say a needle doesn’t hurt or the dentist doesn’t hurt you either.. Marco, you are an idiot… “

Don’t worry, you are doing much better than expected.. “Seriously?” but I’ll put some anesthetic drops in both of your eyes and we will try again…

Erhm… well, can we wait?.. oh, they are in already… “wow ur pretty” , eh, I can actually see her in focus? WTF?   

Before I had a chance to think what just happened she asks me if I can start reading the lines on the board. “With Pleasure”  (-:

Twenty minutes later I’m outside again and all (of-course) is back to being blurry… we had determined the “settings” of the first test lenses” and I should be able to pick them up the next Friday.. YES!!!!

Sitting on the bus back home it suddenly hits me… I was able to see clearly again… it was so intense.. colours, non-blurry face, pretty face (-: 

But then it really hit me, no matter how pretty my optometrist was… I really had wanted other people to have been the ones I could see clearly again like this… my Girlfriend (who wasn't my girlfriend anymore), my Dad, My Mother, My Brother, My Friends..  but it wasn't any of them, just a very pretty optometrist lady…

Oh well, it’s a start….

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