Thursday, November 29, 2012

March 2012 - How do you explain this?

We had settled on the right lenses for me, and that mean a proper set was ordered, and that I didn’t have anything to wear for another week orso…

But, I had to do stuff…  Most importantly, I had been “hunting” for a place to live…

We lived round about the London/ Heathrow area for the last 3years orso, and although that was fine, my Head Office was in the East Midlands, and most of the time I was “on the road” anyway, so it didn’t make a massive difference of where I lived. However, I was looking to return to work soon, and looking for accommodation due to the breakup with my girlfriend.

Now, I figured that having missed out on work for the last 7/8months I must be behind on things happening, and probably forgotten a couple of things as well, so why stay inside the M25, and not just go live closer to the office, and work there if I’m not “on the road…” ?? made sense..

So there I went, looking for accommodation. .  I had a plan, I had figured that after spending so much time “in my Head” over the months before, getting a place just for myself, might not be the best idea ever… so maybe a house share might be the way forward. I had found 3 suitable places and one flat for me on my own as well, just in case… I had settled on an easy commutable place 20 minutes away from our office, and went to meet the people I had contacted… but…. Eh.. how do you approach the subject, that normally you might function ok-ish, but today they will be meeting someone with silly yellow specs and a cane….?  

With a sense of humour seems to be the answer… no fretting, just put it out there, make a joke or 2 about possibly tripping somewhere and it all just flows…

All of this might sound weird, and maybe it shouldnt be someothing to worry about in the first place, but I have found over the last couple of months that there are many times I have had to explain my situation and what it means… maybe more, as because of work I ended up re-locating again only months later to the Asia Pacific region, where I met new colleagues Customers and Friends… and sometimes it’s not relevant, but when you do spent a lot of time together it does become relevant..
In the end I settled on a house-share where I had a lot of space for myself, but still would, if needs be, be able to socialise with the family I was sharing with, and that ended up being a pretty good idea

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