Friday, November 16, 2012

December 2011 - More Doctors 1

Now, I had 2 things to deal with, a massive mental black hole, and still figuring out what was wrong with my eyes.

I had manged to secure an appointment at the Royal Eye hospital in Kingston on Thames and was to meet there for further diagnosis. and earlier that week I was sitting in my GP's office talking about how down i was, about my panic attacks and all the shit that was going on...  that wasn't as easy as i had thought, its all about Ego's again i guess, admitting there is an issue...

The thing was that it wasn't me that raised the subject anyway, I had to visit every month to get a official note to say i'm still not fit enough to return to work, and she of-course knew what had been going on, so all out of the blue, she goes "so how is everything else?"

Eh, what?

"well, how are you coping? this situation must be driving you up the wall?"

Well, funny you mention it, but eh..... and it just all poured out...

Afterwards she advised me to start writing things down about was bothering me.. (kinda tricky ofcourse when that isn't your strongest point at present, however, I made it work) ) and that we first would try herbal meds instead of going into full-on chemical warfare.. i've seen what this could do to others, and wanted to try without first.

one step in the right direction again....

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