Friday, November 16, 2012

January 2012 – The Final Results - KERATOCONUS

 Test done in December and here I am, in the Specialists office again to get my official diagnoses, and no, its not a disorder called “Kerry Katona”, but a de-generative corneal disorder called keratoconus

which in short means that  the normally “ping pong ball” shaped eye re-shapes the front of the eyes into a “rugby ball shape”, via corneal thinning.
This results in significant visual impairment like distortion, multiple images, streaking, ghosting and sensitivity to light and many other issues. In some cases this can lead to drastic situations as full blindness, but apparently I’m still far away from that.

Many different sources quote different statistics on how many people have the disorder, but it comes to about 30k people in the UK only, that on approx 63 million people living in the uk put things in a pretty fun perspective.

The disease predominantly occurs in the “Teen” or “Twenty” years, and I got diagnosed a week before my 36th, so sort of out of the target area I guess, on top of that It seems that my eyes have thrown me another curve ball, as my “conus” is nipple shaped, a fairly rare form of KC according to my specialist.  Al off this is ofcourse no surprise to me, as my parents have always told I’m a bit special anyway.. although they might have meant something else with that (-:

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