Friday, November 23, 2012

February 2012 - Test-driving

Finally the day has arrived…. I am getting my first “Test” pair of contacts
I am so excited, I didn’t really sleep properly because of it.. (Back to being a 6yr old kid again? )
It will be a pain to get used to them.. .literally, but it is so going to be worth it .. right?

“There we go, put them in, take them out, put them back in again, and out…. How’s that?” The previously mentioned pretty optometrist lady asks

Yeah, ok I think…

“Ok, so, go and keep them in for another 30 minutes, maybe go and have a coffee across the road and come back and tell me how it goes..”

Ok… and I’m off… ….

WOW Colours.. .soo intense… Focus & Sharpness… So…. WOW…. Steps, I can see…. Width, I can judge… the barista that’s making my coffee has a normal not blurry face (-:
 I swear, if it wasn’t for the fact my eyes were already watery because of the HARD PIECE OF PLASTIC that’s been placed on them, I’d be shedding real tears…

“How did that go?”

Well, to be honest, great… but quite a bit of an overload at the same time, I genuinely think I have not seen colours as bright and intense as this in my life..

“Good… well, how is the comfort? Is it bearable?”

Yeah, well its irritating a bit, but worth it..I guess

“Ok, well, you will need to build up slowly, and it will probably take a month to be ready to wear them constantly, and before you will be able to commence full time work again.. if we are lucky.
As this is only the first pair, and we probably will have to adjust here and there, for comfort and strength… but for now.. go out wear them for an hour and half,, and you will notice your eyes will be happy to take them out.. .but tomorrow you try and build it up a bit more and so on and so on…”

There I went, almost seeing clearly now….

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