Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A more clearer look at my not so clear sight..

So, besides of the headaches, (which seems to be the cause of the sinus issues anyway… ) what is now the problem actually?

Well, as mentioned before, it’s a bit like looking at a 3D movie without the 3D Glasses but then very very close up…

However there’s more.

·       Some days it feels like someone has spread Vaseline on my eyes and its like this thick greasy fog I’m trying to look through. (try and “blindfold” yourself with a layer or 2 of clingwrap)

·  “Wiped face Syndrome” -sometimes I see figures and shapes, but people’s faces (up close) are like someone has taken a black board eraser and made circular movements to wipe their face into a smudge… the first couple of times I thought I was hallucinating – this is acceptable when you don’t know the person but highly upsetting and disturbing when it’s your loved ones, I’ve had times I could not even recognise my own mother.

·         Depth issues - not seeing where the next step on a stair case or pavement is, in fact, a stairs becomes “Ski- Slope” like..(where this could lead to interesting situations, I’m afraid I’d be more Eddie “the eagle” Edwards than Kazuyoshi Funakia)

·         Width issues, walking into table corners, shelve corners, door frames etc – bruises everywhere …

·         “Ghosting” - thinking that a table top, to put a glass on, starts at a certain point, where in fact you are still inches away from it… (this has cost me quite a couple of glasses, cups and plates, and caused plenty of frustration) or, for a bigger adreniline kick.. .cooking and cutting up veggies or meat… where does the carrot end and my finger s start??

The thing is, there’s probably more, but I’m sure you can already see (pun intended) that it all comes down to the same dis-orientating situation in the first place.  

Over time I found that I had days where I could cope with it pretty well, and even ventured out to the shops for groceries or even further, on my own.. (More on that later), then there were other days where I was so depressed, disorientated (and basically scared to shit) that I would not even leave the bed or flat. (more on that later aswell.)

In any case at least I finally had an excuse for not being able to wash the dishes properly…. (-:

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