Monday, December 02, 2013

A new set?

After coming back from Sri Lanka, I still had about 5 days before I could pick-up my new contacts …. They were slightly delayed as the Malaysian Customs department had taken an interest in them.

I was so excited, as after more than 2 weeks of not seeing clearly at all….( In fact, all is saw was this… : )

I was so looking forward to being able to see properly again…..
Well…. That didn’t really go as planned… due to not having worn the RGP that “reshapes” my eye, my eye had settled into a more conical shape and therefor the new lens was waaaay of, and in fact I could not see anything clear if it was more than arm’s length away from me… )-:

The good thing was, that at least up-close visions was great, I could even read properly again, without assistance of additional glasses, something I could not achieve with the RGP’s , ( we had also ordered extra glasses especially for work and anti-glare purposes, but those at the moment in combination with these current versions of the kerasofts do not work as hoped. ) But that’s ok, as ill have a new set of contacts coming my way soon…

The thing is, it’s pretty normal not to get a new contact “right” straight away, it can take upto 6 sittings orso… the problem in my case is that the ones I’m getting now, are coming from the UK and can take a month to get here…
So we did some test straight away when I got fitted with the current one, and order a new version to be delivered next.. Which should hopefully be another week. If they then are fine, we are done, if however they still need some more tweaking, at least ill have a better version than I have just now, so that in itself is an improvement already and will make life slightly easier  for sure…

Let’s just wait and see I guess…

Wake-up call

A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of a wakeup call..

In my last post I mentioned I had been in to get new contacts fitted, and that they were meant to arrive around the first week of November.
All was perfectly fine, until I tripped…… and therefor braced myself and in some way due too muscle tension, “snapped” my last RGP lens…..

Unfortunately, as the new Kerasoft lens had not arrived yet, and I, therefor, did not posses a “back-up” lens anymore either, this meant I had to take off work, as I could not function properly.
I could only get by with a support cane and could in no way read properly so working was going to be a pain.

Fortunately, I was due a short break from work already and had already booked a trip to Sri Lanka to stay with a dear and close friend who lives there, so it meant I had a couple of days medical leave, my break, and then more medical leave until the Kerasoft lens had arrived.

I had initially thought of not going to Sri Lanka and just staying at home, but due to visa restrictions I had to leave the country anyway, besides, sitting home all alone when not being able to see properly, would have brought too many flashback from before being diagnosed.

So yeh, I went to Colombo and it was great!!!!! Yes, indeed, I couldn’t really go out on my own, as I reckoned walking along on my own, looking like a blind man, would probably not be the safest thing to do in a big city like Colombo. But I was constantly in company, and when my friend had to work I just lazed around her flat, and for one day even I got a tuck-tuck (they are scary when all you see is blurriness) to drop me off at one of the 5star hotels there and lazed around the pool for a day, and that,(despite not being the “spent a day at the pool” kinda guy) was kinda nice aswell… and even returned a bit sunburnt.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though… on my way to the airport I did notice people are pretty rude and just keep bumping into you, despite having a big red and white stick that say “oi… be careful” but hey, that’s how things are I guess… and yeh overall, its probably nice to be a tourist when you can actually see properly, but there’s always next time.

Although it wasn’t all horrible these weeks, I still had some full-on moments of feeling extremely vulnerable, going to shops, the bank, sitting in doctors’ offices etc.. .in one case a colleague who didn’t know about my KC saw me with my stick and questioned this when I returned to work, which was kind of awkward, but all good in the end.