Monday, November 12, 2012

August 2011 - MRI 2

So, there I am, standing outside a MRI machine in a TRAILER!!!!!!

Wow, if I wasn't slightly stressed, I was now… what do you mean I have to go to the back of the Hospital car-park?

I'm not stupid I understand that for budgetary reasons these things go from hospital to hospital, but still I think I would've been more relaxed if it just would have been in a standard wing inside the hospital, but hey, you cant get everything I guess..

Not really sure what to expect (despite a bit of research via google)I end up entering the trailer and get guided to this massive machine that is going to look at my brain via magnetic resonance technique… 

No biggie, I've seen “House MD” plenty of times, but eh, wtf, they never showed that your head is sort of in this brace and that you can’t move and that its actually pretty up close and…. Fuck..

No less than a minute later i'm standing next to the machine and they haven’t even started yet… 

“No problem Sir, you just had a claustrophobic reaction, it happens all the time…”

Claustrophobic? I’m not claustrophobic, never been before in any case.. I’m just pissed off with myself for slightly panicking when I realised it was a bit too up close… yep.. Claustrophobic…

So I end up having to come back and try again… yey.

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