Wednesday, November 28, 2012

February 2012 - Test-Driving: 2nd round

My Friend from Sweden had invited me over for a long weekend after she had heard I’d be living with my ex for another 6 weeks after our break-up and had decided it’s not a healthy environment to “recover” in, so  she flew me over and I ended up testing me 2nd set of lenses in Sweden…

There’s worse places to be I guess.. (-:

Again, it was process of loads of different emotions and experience, but maybe it was because I was enjoying a different environment, and being away from the place I had started to loath so much (mainly because I had sort of been “imprisoned” in it for so long.) and of course spending time with a dear and close friend, but the 2nd run of lenses were so much better fitting wise and vision wise….

It gave me a chance to experiment with putting them “in” and Taking then “out” in a relaxed situation.. Which at the time I didn't recognise as much as now, but yeah, it did help a lot..

She had to work the most of the time, but there were some hours we were able to do just things, like going for walk with her families dog, I didn't realise how much I missed being able to do something like that until then...

Man, how liberating... silly, but true..

During the times she was working, I took my time with trying to wear the Contacts longer and longer, put them in for a couple of hours, take them out, rest and lie down a bit, then after an hour or 2, back in with them… and my eyes were protesting less and less… until on one of the last days they didn't co-operate, and they just weren't going in, no matter what I tried, obviously my tactics had backfired on me…

So, instead of having a nice Brisky walk with my friend through a stunning Malmo, it ended up being Her, Me and my Cane, going for a little wander… not the same… not the same at all..

Another bit of fun added to this was… Flying with RGP lenses.

I was informed by my lens-fitter that that apparently could be a challenge, as the recycled air inside the plane does dry out your eyes, and dry-eyes and RGP lenses do not really go together very well.
So instead of being brave and bold, I bolted, and just went with my cane, and let the nice looking (I think) Scandinavian Stewardesses guide me to my seat… both to Sweden and Back to the UK, which in hind sight added to my relaxing 2nd week of testing.

All in all a much more steadier experience this second week for sure, and I had good hopes for the future.. 

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