Monday, November 12, 2012

August 2011 - Blurry!!

“Ok, go and contact your GP, let them give you a sick-note and go and get well, there is nothing else to it... don’t worry about it, just get well…”

And with that a 6/7 month period of uncertainty started….

So, I had to call my boss and tell him, “sorry Allan, I can’t see properly anymore and my headaches are getting too heavy to even have a proper conversation over the phone with a client” (I had just spoken to a client and I hope she knew what I was talking about as I definitely didn't have a clue for sure….)

What my issue was is that over the previous 9/10months orso, my vision had started to get blurry.

Well, imagine watching a 3D movie without the glasses, or when you see a “mirage” on a hot asphalt road, where you see a car reflected going “downwards” … ad this together, and then with more distortion…(don't worry, i'll load some pix at a later stage for more clarification)

Anyway, all of this started in a mild form  all those months ago, with the feeling that there were “like little drops of water” in front of my cornea and it just got gradually worse.

Problem was, the specialist I initially ended up visiting said it had to do with a squint I had when I was a kid. “just come back in six months’ time and hopefully we can then see a difference that we can act upon…”
So I waited, and It  got worse, so bad that in reality driving became a danger, and the only way I could look at my work computer was by squinting my eyes close together …
As things got tougher I figured, well if I can’t have an earlier appointment, I’ll just get some glasses fitted in the meantime.

So I went and visited the optician, and that only freaked me out more, as he ended up pretty freaked out himself, because the results of any test he did didn’t make sense.. so he got me fast tracked to see the specialist again, this time he took me slightly more serious and spoke about brain scans ( as blurry Vision and headaches might be something else than a ocular problem… )

And that’s where we are now, waiting for that brain scan, whilst not being able to make sense to people, having constant headaches and seeing f-all….
oh well…..

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