Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 2011 – The aftermath

So, I’ve had surgery, been taken home, my mum flew over from Holland to nurse me for a couple of days ( very nice of her, especially if you keep in mind that week was my parents 40th wedding anniversary) and there I am, bandages off, no more headaches, (yes!!!!)  a bout of labyrinthitis.. (yeah, look that one up if you want) and still no clearer vision, in fact, I was  pretty sure it got worse…

As mentioned, I had been taking  3 tramadol tablets a day  for the last 3 months, and discovered in the hospital that that was kind of extreme according to the nurses there, who were just about to tell me all about tramadol to give to me after my surgery… when I told them I’ve had boxes of the stuff at home… (interesting)

As my headaches did seem to have disappeared I figured I tried kicking the tramadol’s as well as soon as possible then.. and straight away I reduced my daily intake to 1 tablet a day, and that seems to work, so within a week I was off them completely.
Then I suddenly realised I was way more “there” and although I had already spent a lot of time “in my head” over the previous months, this was slightly worse.. as, as said, everything was clearer (except my vision of course)
After the initial shock of realising of how much I must’ve been “out of it” in a way for these last past months,  I found myself getting very irritated and depressed with the overall progress of trying to find out what was going on.

My Ocular specialist had, from the start, not really taken me serious I felt, and after 2/3times telling me its something it was not, and then telling me, oh after your sinus surgery you will already see so much better… which wasn’t the case .

I figured enough is enough and I went looking for the famous 2nd opinion… 

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