Wednesday, November 14, 2012

October 2011 - "Sinus Guy"

Yet another specialist office… what will this bring?
During my quest to figure out what, In fact, was wrong with my eyes, I had visited one Specialist at least 5 times now in the space of about 7 months , and still wasn’t much closer to the root of the problem, so it was fair to say I didn't have much fate this time around as to what was going to happen,..

couldn't have been more wrong….

Only 10 minutes after I entered the waiting room I was invited into the office of my ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) consultant..

Within a couple of minutes he had established that there definitely was an issues here..

“We need to do another scan Marco, (I had tried to get copies from my the MRI scan results to hurry things along but had been unsuccessful in getting this..) but I’m sure it is your sinuses, I just can’t see the extent of it yet…  “

Great, I thought, more back and forth calling and scheduling. …

“So eh, what’s your plans for the rest of today?”

Sorry? What?

“What are your plans? I am going to my next clinic in 5 minutes, we have a state of the art scanner there, and we can put things in motion straight away… “

Eh?  Ok.. as in right now? Ok, so how do I get there?

“Well, just jump in the car with me, I’ll call them now to set up the scan, I’ll drop you off, and afterwards come to the waiting area outside my office with the results, see my secretary, and we will take it from there”

There I was, 45 minutes later, getting up from yet another scan of my head.. slightly different than the last time, but still, this is becoming fun now.
and at least it appears that I do have brains inside my head, so my parents can finally relax…

20 minutes later i'm sitting in front of "Sinus Guy" again....

“Ok, what we need to do is as follows, we need to schedule you as soon as possible for a FESS procedure…”

You what? Fes?

“FESS Surgery,  Functional endoscopic sinus surgery, this is by going inside your nose with a small camera and suction device  and suck out all the “gue”  from the sinuses behind your forehead, Nose and Cheeks and cut away hazardous polyps etc … “

Ok...Why did I ask in the first place?

"How does 3 weeks from now work for you?"

Eh.. yeah, ok, well its not like ive got anything planned or anything...

"Ok, see you on Nov 7th then..."

WTF just happened... i just went in for a consultation in the hope to get a bit closer to being able to put all of this behind me, and instead of taking this step by step and weeks to cover all of this, i'm actually booked in for surgery already... ehhhh? 

I'd blame it on the wonders of private healthcare, but in all honesty i'm seeing the eye consultant via my private heretical plan as well... how could this be so different from the other? 

Oh well, one step closer yet again..

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