Monday, November 19, 2012

January 2012 – So, what now?

So, I had the diagnosis, but what now?

As mentioned, Dr Gillespie at the Royal Eye Unit in Kingston upon Thames, had finally been able to determine that my problem was a degenerative eye disorder called  Keratoconus, but what does that mean? 
What lies ahead? What can be done? Will I go blind?

Ok, to answer that last question, there is always a possibility that that is the case, but that’s a long journey away before that happens, having said that my right eye is apparently very close to being officially classed as legally blind… but that doesn’t mean “darkness” blind, just no able to see shit properly

So, what can be done?
Not a lot really…

Having said that, there are a couple of options, and it depends on how severe your situation is.
The ultimate option is a Corneal transplant, but as I was explained, this only will happen if your cornea is that damaged that there isn’t another option (keep in mind, these are my findings, from what I was told by the experts at that stage, opinions vary and change every week on this)
As KC only had been developing for a short while in me, my cornea was still fine-ish, it was just my vision that was bust….

There are other options as well, and I’m afraid I’m going to take the easy way out here, and refer you the plethora of other blogs out there, as in my own experience I have found many other blogs and sites explaining these options, far much better than I ever can… see some of the links I’ve listed on the right side of the page.

For me, for now, it seems the only option forward was contacts… well that’s easy you say… yeah, well hold on, no it isn’t…. its not like you just walk into Specsavers or Boots opticians and ask for a couple of dailies…. this is a bit more specialised.  

In fact I ended up with contacts that cost approx. £500 a set, and they need replacing every 8/9months… and better get back-ups, because if you lose one, well…

Can it be cured?
Nope, it’s degenerative, and will only get worse…

Can I pass it on to children?
Don’t know for sure, I’ve read different reports on this, some say yes, some say no…rest assured, if the time is there for me to having to look more closer into this, I will hopefully find a definite answer..

What Causes it?
Again, not really sure, there are different reports on that as well, once that mention it just happens, others that suggest lack of certain minerals in the body, other that suggest it’s down to rubbing your eyes early on in life… (I personally don’t put much value in the last one…)

Will I be able to enter back into a decent social and work life again?

Well, I did..... Was it easy? No, it was a bit of a journey for sure, but I did…..

In  fact, keep an eye out on posts of that journey itself… full of its ups and downs.. but those up and downs are worth it.

Do I wake up every so often thinking, where did I get that bruise from, for sure, but hey, they are worth it and tell a story….

Then again, I also wake up every so often think, "wow, a year ago, i was lying in bed depressed and not being able to walk around properly because i was bumping in to things or tripping over things all the time...and now i'm here...already. " WOW 

I mean, there’s a reason the sub-header of this blog reads: "Stumbling through life,(sometimes quite literally)"

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