Friday, December 07, 2012

Moving on…

This post is a temporary jump into present day, before continuing to bring you slowly but steadily uptodate the way ive been doing so far.

My last post got me thinking a bit, I had moved.. but what did that really mean?

I had moved out, of a flat I loved, and moved into a new living situation into a fantastic house with a little 3 person family who at that stage didn’t realise we would end up “adopting” each other as part of that little family, which luckily we did… .

Unfortunately I had to move on again only months later for a new challenge that came along my path, with my boss offering me a job role in the Asia-Pacific region, which I just could not say no to, after having spent the previous year struggling with what was wrong with me, I now had a chance to move on from that..

And with all that moving comes meeting new people and leaving others behind, close friends and family in Europe who couldn’t be happier for me, my ex who.. well, I suppose is happy to have gotten rid of me, but still happy things were moving in a positive direction

I have now moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and am looking to settle here for the next couple of years, if not permanently.

With this move I have met, again, more people, and 1 or 2 people that seem to become very good and close friends, people that I hope will be part of my (Malaysian) life  for a long time to come.

And its all this moving that made me think… I had come out of my sickleave pretty positive, we finally knew what was wrong with my eyes, I kicked my bout of depression, but then, my relationship ended.. 4yrs  of being together with a person I loved dearly ended… this could have brought me down crashing back to earth in no time, but its these previously mentioned friends and family that prevented that from happening, and although I was gutted and sad about it, it became a situation of concentrating on all the people that were still in my life, all the love I had felt from them during my bad spell, and was still getting from them, this in itself helped me Move on, and it made me realise that, yeah, maybe being in a relationship is what we all want, but don’t forget to value what’s around you already…the support of my friends and family have made this year a positive one for me and are responsible for me to be able to move on..…  and its only sad that KC is the catalyst for me to finally see that more clearly....(yes, pun intended)

I’m am off to Bali on holiday for a couple of days next week with one of the above mentioned new friends as a well- deserved break and treat to finish off this eventful year for me.  I had also planned to do a bit of hiking with anther of my new friends in Malaysia itself, but unfortunately I had to cancel on that due to work commitments, but am sure we will do so at some point anyway…

I’m mentioning this as initially going on these trips slightly freaked me out, as I’m still trying to identify how my eyes and RGP’s will behave in certain situations.
I still regularly trip and stumble due to some irregular depth perception issues… how would that go during a proper hike? or even walking  along a beach or something?.. .on my own it could be potential comedy, but because of friends its just another step in moving on….

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