Wednesday, December 19, 2012

April 2012 - Going back to work

I had already been experimenting with Laptop screen set-ups, and app called Eye-leo

This reminds you every 15mins or so to avert your eyes from the screen, and tells you every so often to have a proper 5 minute break 

And an app called F.lux which reduces glare on the screen…

I also played around with the Windows functionality to change to inverted colours so that the glare hurted my eyes less.

As although I could sort of see things much better now, there is still the issue of over sensitivity to light that needs tackled, and well, in an office space and looking at a computer screen for 80% of the working day is not the best things then….

My GP and my Lens fitter had said to take it easy, from both a mental and an Eye perspective, their advice had been to do half days to start off with and just build up….

The first day went ok, it was only a couple of hours and involved a lot of catching up in a way… but wow, it was pretty tiring, both physically and mentally .. but I got through it and over the days to follow I could stretch it more and more, this involved many breaks, and a lot of use of Eye Drops, but it worked….

It’s a start.

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