Wednesday, December 05, 2012

March 2012 -The Move

The day of the move had come, a couple days before cautiously going back to work….and it was scary….

I had to drive a long distance (London Heathrow Area - Nottingham ) since the first time I was allowed to drive again, on top of that I didn't have a clue what the car was going to do, it had been standing on the side of the road for many months so it could be forgiven for playing up.

As I was moving into a fully furnished situation it was only going to be 2 car loads of things. 
Its amazing that after having moved the probably 15/16 times in the last 13yrs, I still had soooo much shit to drag with me.

The idea had been to move in two parts, from an eye & drive safety perspective, and it wouldn’t be a bad thing to start unpacking half when I’m there already..

Well, the driving went well, but none of the unpacking happened, as on arrival I got welcomed by my new housemate with a bottle of wine and dinner, so guess that had to happen the next time when I came back with the rest.

Two days later I brought over the rest, and I had noticed a few things…

My eyes were OK with Driving, 
The car was fine, 
and I was a wreck….

To be honest I never had been the most fittest of persons, but this sitting at home business and my light bout of depression, had made me balloon to 125kg and that wasn't good, (at time of Writing, I can luckily say I have been able to loose 30kg of that already and am hoping to lose even more in the upcoming months…) and on top of that just walking up or down the stairs with a box or whatever, had me out of breath before reaching the top of the stairs.

So yes, I was fit for work, but was I fit? 

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