Thursday, December 20, 2012

April 2012 - Last option

For weeks I had been trying to re-integrate into a working situation, and it just wasn’t going as had hoped..
My eyes couldn't sustain a days work, and it was just dragging, my hopes were set on these “Specs” that were ordered and should arrive anytime now… 

I had arranged for them to be sent to my place of work straight away, so I could just get it over and done with, this was either going to help me and enable me to work normally, or, it wasn’t and then we would seriously need to look at a career change or worse…
Subconsciously I think I was definitely making this a “moment” and the tension was building up… until it arrived… and I tried them on……..

Ten minutes later I looked over to my colleague and said, we’ve got 2 options here, you either give me one of your cigarettes or I’m going to start crying here on the spot….

A cigarette it was… and I was ecstatic. It seems to do the trick, I didn't have to squint anymore, the screen didn't glare, it was all in focus…. Of course, these were early indications, but man… I was f-in happy for sure….

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