Wednesday, January 30, 2013

September 2012 - Malaysia my new home?

Skipping ahead 3 months, Australia was a good form of a mental recovery exercise in a way I guess
Work went well, my eyes played ball nicely, and mentally I was able to spent time with myself again… so all was on the up….

Don’t get me wrong, there were days my burned and hurt like a bitch, there were days where I woke up and couldn’t get my lenses in with all the will in the world for at least another hour… but overall it went well…

The only big disappointment was waking up one Sunday morning where I had planned to meet up with a couple of people, and my eyes were hurting like anything .and sadly had to cancel, the upside of this was that it was a weekend, and I had for some reason “made a deal” with my eyes to not play up during week day where I had to work…..

All in all it all went well down under.

What next now though? Back to the UK? 

Well, actually …. I ended up being asked if I was interested in moving to Kuala Lumpur…. And eh, I figured, yeah why not….. J

So suddenly, as of September, I found myself in Malaysia with a view to work and live here for quite a while, which itself has brought some challenges, admittedly some that just happened, others that I went looking for in itself, but all challenges that so far I’ve overcome, and feel damn good about….

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