Tuesday, January 29, 2013

June 2012 - Down-Under

So, Asia- Pacific?


Initially there was talk about Bali, then Singapore, then Australia, and we settled on Australia for 3 months and we would see what would happen next..

There was a project at a beach-side resort in Adelaide where our company was contracted to install a new reservations system.

I would go and be the main “point- man” on site and stay on in the resort itself for those 3 months in a bungalow there.

But, how would that work?
  • ·         Did I remember enough of my job to do it well?  (I had been out of the loop for 8months after all) Can my eyes cope? (don’t know that yet, we will just have to see I guess..)
  • ·         Is this something I want?  (Yes, of course….. I had already resigned myself to the fact that id never get to that part of the world until I’ve hit retirement age… and now its there for the taking…)
  • ·         3 months solitary on my own… could I cope?  (Well I was in a better place mentally anyway now, so maybe it was time to challenge myself and learn to spent time with myself again, without entering in to depression again…)
  • ·         Would there be care available for my eyes if needs be? (after a bit of an internet search, yes there was and I decided to get a spare pair of lenses  as well, just in case…)
  • ·         I’d never flown any longer then 5hours… now its was a “bit” further, how was that going to go, especially as flying isn’t much fun with RGP lenses in…. ( solution, take them out and rely on cabin crew and support cane.)

Well, before I realised it, I found myself in Adelaide, in winter time, not as glamorous as the picture that was painted to me, but hey… It was good, very good.

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