Thursday, January 03, 2013

May 2012 - What now?

So, life was nicely hobbling along.

So far its may and 2012 had been pretty ok, apart from the end of a 4yrs relationship that is of course… but it was mostly pretty good:

I had found out what was wrong with me, I had discovered its manageable….  A challenge at times…. but definitely not the end of the world…. I had gone back to work, with mixed but mainly positive results. I had starting Rowing, and had started a healthier lifestyle, had moved into a house-share that had become an extended family instead of just a house-share.

All was good, very good, until I got a phone call from one of the managers from work, an hour orso after I had gone home for the day…

“Eh, Marco, we need to talk….”
(SHIT…..) ok… whats up.
“Well, what you say about a stint abroad?”
Eh? What? Sorry, come again?
“The company needs some extra for a while in the Asia- Pacific Region, and we were wondering if you would like to be that person?   “
Ehm, I guess so… (yes fucking yes… ofcourse…)
“ok, well we want to schedule a call with the boss later this week to go through some of the options, ill get back to you with a time and date ok? Bye for now”
Yeah.. .sure…

WTF just happened?

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