Thursday, January 03, 2013

May 2012 -Help

Asking for help isn’t easy.
It’s a pride thing, its difficult when in a lot of ways you are an independent person that likes doing things by himself.
It’s an admission of failure in some ways, admitting you’re not able enough to do it yourself
It’s a form of not wanting to be a bother to another person. Even if they have pointed out they are happy to assist.
It can be seen as humiliating.
Definitely Humbling.

It’s one thing I have had to learn to accept/ do over the last 18 months or so, even after finally knowing what the problem was….

On one occasion when we had to do a “capsize test” for our Rowing club, to be able to abide by the British rowing association rules I had to ask for help, otherwise it would’ve gotten quite messy..

For this drill I had to take my lenses out… so I couldn’t see shit… so, I had to be guided to the edge of the swimming pool, where the test happened, and then to try and climb onto the seat.

Now, a swimming pool has quite an acoustic resonance, and therefor made it even more disorientating, and its was close to freaking me out for sure, but because I had made people aware of the issue, and that I needed help, things became much easier… 

Even the being flipped and landing int the water without seeing shit, was do-able, because of me having to ask for help on this one, and help was given whenever needed…

That’s how people are, most of the time they do not have a problem with helping, its us individuals that have a problem asking.

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