Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Lover of the Light

In all honesty, depending on how my eyes are behaving on any given day, im not a BIG lover of the light, and should wear my sun glasses more often i guess.. .but I am a BIG fan of the actor Idris Elba.

An actor who, in my opinion,  has a screen presence that you just cant argue with, but for some reason, I had not yet seen the video he did a year ago or so for Mumford and Sons's "Lover of the Light."

I knew the song and for me it had already a certain meaning,
probably best described in the article you can find right here where the writer explains beautifully how songs can have multiple meanings from one person to another.

In there, she describes how she had one interpretation of the song in her head, and then through the Video itself another.

She writes:

"The video portrays a blind man who abandons his cane and ventures out into the world to run free in nature. While eyes are mentioned several times in the lyrics, this video is not suggesting that ‘Lover of the Light’ was written about a blind man. Instead the video serves as a beautiful metaphor for empowerment and inspiration – a man who literally puts his weakness behind him and runs wholeheartedly towards the light."

The reason i'm bringing it up is because when I saw the video earlier today I ended up a bit choked to be honest.. it provoked soo many different emotions, whilst the subject was dawning on me, ( I wasn't aware Elba was portraying a blind man here) 

It "clicked" when I saw him navigating himself through his house ( and surroundings) in ways I still do myself, when I have "bad eye" days, using "touch of hands and arms as a guide for determining, width, depth and distance.

Suddenly i started paying attention, and pressed start again, to watch from the beginning, and that's when it hit me... this is me... apart from the being completely being blind part of-course, just "blind" moments.....
but more as a metaphor of having gone through slowly loosing my sight, having found out i have KC, having learned how to manage it, how to deal with limitations it threw at me, and more to the point, just learnt how to just get on with it...

or as the aforementioned writer said in a much more poetic way...

"a man who literally puts his weakness behind him and runs wholeheartedly towards the light."

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