Friday, September 20, 2013


We recently had a horrible horrible haze here in South East Asia, caused by Forest Burning in Indonesia. which got me to go through my eye drops like there was no- tomorrow.. .in fact I went through more eye drops in that one week then I had done in the months since being here.

Now, I hadn’t been able to find the drops I use here in Malaysia, but luckily a Malaysian friend of mine who was visiting the UK was able to bring me back a batch as back-up

However, it got me talking about Lens and Eye care routines...

I use these drops when my eyes are irritated whilst wearing my contacts.

There are of course other options out there, which I have tried aswell, (blink, the brand I use do actually sell bottles, but not the vials I use… which gives me much better portion control as such)  and so I keep coming back to these... another issue is that the products I use for lens care aren’t as easy to get here in Malaysia.. so I’m at the mercy of others with getting them willing enough to bring some back from the UK... and so far they actually are….

Maybe I should adapt and start using the products I can find here, but its tricky, as you might appreciate Eyes are sensitive, and once you have something that works for you and keeps your eyes “calm” its best to stick with it..

For instance, the daily lens cleaner I use is free from preservatives and basically makes my contacts feel cool and clean.. Just like they came out of a refreshing cool shower... and the other ones I used I find them oily, and "filmy" it might be just me, but hey... i have to wear them i guess.. so whatever works for me right???

Another instance is as well, that in my case we are talking RGP (Rigid/ “Hard”) lenses, and most regular products you find in shops here are for soft lenses, so sometimes its about looking a bit further as well

In any case.. These are my products of choice...

"Regard K is the world’s first preservative free multipurpose solution for rigid (hard) contact lenses. It’s also one of only two preservation free solutions on the market today - the other is 3% Hydrogen Peroxide.
Regard RGP K offers a high level of disinfectant that ensures all debris, dirt, grit and impurities are removed from gas permeable lenses without damaging the surface. You can expect to experience a high level of comfort from Regard RGP K solution, as its preservative free formula is more eye friendly, especially for those who suffer from sensitive eyes, as the preservatives in traditional solutions are known to cause irritation." 

"Menicon Progent - is a weekly protein remover, disinfectant and intensive cleaner compatible with all RGP contact lenses. To ensure excellent comfort and prolong the life of your RGP lenses it is recommended to remove proteins with Menicon Progent weekly, Menicon Progent is a solution particularly recommended for cleaning and removing proteins from the surface of the lens by simply soaking them in the mixture for only 30 minutes periodically. The efficacy of Menicon Progent lies in its strong, rapid action against all the organisms likely to contaminate lenses, including bacteria, moulds, yeasts, viruses and Ancanthamoeba trophozoites and cysts."

"Blink contacts vials are eye drops that help you capture the feeling of a natural tear by using a preservative free formula to create a smooth and soothing protective shield on the eye that provides a long-lasting comfort.
Blink Contacts eye drops can be used by both soft and rigid-gas permeable (RGP) wearers.
Each pack contains 20 convenient sized vials that you can keep in your handbag, at work, or even in your gym bag. Each vial contains a dose of 0.35mls."

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